Travix - Micromechanical In-situ Test Stage

Nanatom Travix

Nanatom’s vacuum compa.ble micromechanical In-situ Test Stage TRAVIX for Scanning electron and optical light microscopes is designed to conduct micro tensile, compression and fatigue tests with high precision. TRAVIX is capable of performing tests on a vide range of materials - metals, alloys, fibres, polymers, plas.cs, ceramics, rubber, biomaterials, etc. The crystalline orientation, the failure of particles as well as the initiation and the propaga.on of cracks can be observed during the test.

In-situ Tests can be performed while observing the sample:
  • In a scanning electron microscope (Vacuum)
  • Under an Optical light microscope
  • As a standalone system

DeepIndent - Instrumented Indentation System

Nanatom’s Instrumented Nano and Micro Hardness Tester is designed to conduct instrumented indentation tests with high precision. This unique testing equipment is capable of measuring in various characteristics of materials like metals, alloys, ceramics, powder metallurgy materials, thin films in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards. DeepIndent is also capable of doing automatically a pre-designated array indents in a user defined paHern. The open architecture of this machine and its control system enables programming as per user’s requirement.

  • Automatic Calculation of
    • Vickers Hardness
    • Martens Hardness
    • Reduced Modulus
    • Indentation Relaxation & more