Wavect Solution

Wavect Measurement Features:
  • Measurement of instantaneous voltages and currents at 200ksps
  • Measurements of active, reactive, power factor and apparent power
  • Performance parameters of Solar Panels can be characterized
  • 32 Digital probes for real time capturing and plotting of control/measurement signals
  • Real time storage of data for post analysis and data exporting provision to CSV file format
  • FFT analysis of voltages and currents
  • Plotting of any measured or derived quantities with respect to time (Voltage, Current vs time, Power Vs time, mppt duty vs time etc.)
  • Capable of plotting X-Y plots for any derived quantities (solar current vs voltage, power vs voltage etc.)

Wavect control features:
  • MPPT algorithm for boost converter
  • Vector control for Grid side converter
  • Decoupled active and reactive power control
  • Space Vector Modulation Technique
  • Auto-isolation of Solar panel and converters from the power under different faulty conditions
  • Provision for developing user defined control algorithms in Matlab-System Generator environment
  • 32 inputs/outputs for control and monitoring purpose
  • Building blocks for solar system control like PLL, PI controller, Mppt, Sinusoidal wave etc. will be provided as Matlab library blocks

Benefits for Research and Development:
  • User defined algorithms can be implemented in Matlab-Simulink Environment
  • Provision for viewing and analyzing internal signals and parameters of control algorithm
  • Inputs are provided for changing and tuning control system parameters online
  • Isolated Current and Voltage signals for measurement and control